Sunday, June 29, 2014

Reading Regatta

WPI wins at Reading Regatta!  
The V8 with their prizes
This Saturday, the 28th, was Reading Town Regatta.  It is a much smaller regatta than Henley and takes place on the Thames up stream a few towns from Henley.  It is a small course of about 800 meters, and each race is either two boats or three boats wide (the three boat races are for finals only). It is a regatta attended by locals as well as crews that are looking for some experience and practice before HRR.  WPI has traditionally attended this regatta when we have been in the UK for HRR.

For this race we entered both of our 4s into two different events and our 8 into two events.  Like I said the race is short and we wanted to give our boats more experiences, more races, and more chances for international swag.  All of our boats learned some valuable lessons in their first respective races.  They learned how efficient and quick  races are run over here compared to the US style of races. With little time between getting on to the course, getting locked onto the stake boats and the start, some of our crews  were taken by surprise.  Some of our crews learned how quick boats can leave the start and how a lead can be an advantage.  Some crews learned the importance of steering a good course.  Some learned that talented boats can come in different shapes and sizes.  Luckily after we learned these valuable lessons there was more racing to be had.
 The experiences learned by our fours in the first races were not enough to get them wins in their second event.  The were out powered and out stroked by some very fast crews.  However the V8 was able to take full advantage of the lessons they learned and they got out to a early lead in their second race.  They were able to hold on to the lead of that race on their strength, talent, and determination.  As a result they were able to bring home some very nice prizes in an international race.

Aside from racing we also got a nice taste of English weather during this regatta with on and off rain shower all day.  However it seemed to get a lot sunnier after our V8 victory, capping off a great day of racing.  After the races it was time to head back to Henley, which is a story in itself as I will finally detail the trips up and down the Thames by boat.

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