Monday, June 23, 2014

Greetings from England

We all arrived into England and into Henley safely.  However after an overnight flight (red eye) and walking around Henley all day, I am quite beat.  So this will be a quick short post before I fall asleep.

Short recap of the travel
Sunday afternoon we left from WPI via bus to Logan (BOS).  We got through check in and security very quickly and were able to find a tv to watch the USA Portugal soccer game.  From BOS we flew across the Atlantic direct to LHR, London Heathrow Airport.  We were able to get through border crossing and get our baggage with relative ease as well.  From the airport we took taxi-shuttles to the town of Henley.  This is where we got our first 'out of the USA' experience.  Traveling on the left hand side of the road.  Normally I would say this is a cliche/touristy thing to comment about but it is strange the first time you experience it.  After a brief ride on the English roads, the rowers arrived at their home for the next couple of weeks.

After the rowers were dropped off at their place, the coaches made their way to their homes across town.  With a quick change and shower we headed down to the boat tent to prep the boats and prepare for the first row on the water.  Our boat man, Coach MacDonald, and our strength coach, Coach Berube, were already hard at work on re-rigging the boat to a row-able state.  Some of the rowers and coaches even lent a hand when we weren't taking in our first sights of Henley.  

Finally after some hard work by all it was time to go on the water.  

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